Toby grew up on a farm near the coast in West Wales, and spent most of his childhood playing outside with his brothers, exploring rockpools, or making things. Most of his ideas have roots in this early immersion in nature.

After an Art Foundation course at Carmarthen School of Art he studied Design: Craft at Staffordshire University, spending two years experimenting with materials before specialising in fine metal work and jewellery. 

He use traditional silversmithing techniques, forging sheet silver over steel stakes and into pitch and wooden formers, using hammers and punches. Three- dimensional forms are articulated, fused, and finished with enamels, gold or oxides to create lively, humorous pieces of wearable sculpture.

His work has been exhibited across the UK and abroad, including the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London and Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco. In 2016 Toby was selected by the Crafts Council for the Hothouse programme and continues to represent them through workshops and as Talent Development Ambassador.

He lives and works in the beautiful South Pennine town of Hebden Bridge with his wife and two children. When not in the workshop he’ll probably be found on the school pick up, or out running on the moors.

“Most children have a bug period. I never grew out of mine.”

E. O. Wilson, biologist.